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Beginner. Published: October 31th 2021. Updated: October 31st 2021. Reading Time: 10 minutos.

Original: ESPAÑOL. Translation: ENGLISH (Thanks to DeepL)

Note: As the original was written in Spanish, some of the screenshots are still from the Spanish version.

Author: NFT Artist @chibiguardians, Binance Angel Chibi Maya, Alessandra Moura (Chii) @portaljapon





It´s a financial product and the first thing I can do when I go to the Binance Exchange is:

  • Make a deposit in FIAT (e.g. euros/dollars).
  • Buy cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, etc) with that FIAT or with credit/debit card.
  • Once the deposit or purchase has been made, everything appears in the SPOT WALLET.


From now on, I can decide what to do, leave it in SPOT, keep it in the EARN section, trade it, buy NFTs, etc. Before I go any further, I will explain some terms that need to be understood:

  • SPOT = POINT, place, «cash» ACCOUNT.
  • HODL = Hold. Like Hodor, «Hold the door», hold, hold on, HODL.
  • EARN = receipt, receipt, recieve, win, EARN.


  • LOT = portion, part, QUANTITY.
  • REDEMPTION = exchange, rescue, swap, payment, REIMBURSEMENT.
  • SUBSCRIPTION = to SUBSCRIBE and receive what is due.
  • BNB VAULT = SAFE BOX… the «secret chamber»… of BNB (Binance Coin).
  • STAKING = to stake, to stall, to lend, to put, to place, to WIN. Remember a stick or a stake that stays in until it is removed.
  • AIRDROP = drop, deliver, GIVE.
  • LAUNCHPOOL = drop I keep my cryptos and get an airdrop of a new token.
  • LAUNCHPAD = launch pad. I buy a token in pre-sale and exchange my BNB for it.
  • APY = Annual Percentage Yield % divided over 365 days. The average of the last 7 days can vary. From 0.06% to 50%.


If I have 100 EUR/USDT at 1% APY in flexible savings.

100 x 1% = €1 per YEAR (365 days).

1 / 365 days = 0.00274 € each day. After 90 days = 100 + €0.2466.


If I have 100 EUR/USDT at 50% APY in blocked staking 90 days.

100 x 50% = €50 per YEAR (365 days).

50 / 365 days = €0.13698. After 90 days = 100 + €12.3282.



It’s just a step beyond SPOT… simple, basic and for beginners.

I don’t just HODL, I PUT THEM TO WORK!

It is not trading (something for advanced or expert users), it is saved in a specific section and in return, I get certain interests. It is the so-called passive income, which works on its own.

With guaranteed capital (we always keep our cryptos).

There is no cost, neither to send nor to receive nor to exchange. Your cryptocurrencies are safe, everything is added to what we have, in quantity. Another separate issue is the value that the cryptocurrency may have at any given time.

  • Flexible savings
  • Locked/Fixed savings
  • Activities


  • BNB Vault
  • Flexible Staking
  • Locked Staking
  • Staking ETH 2.0.
  • Launchpool
  • Launchpad

High performance savings

  • Staking DEFI
  • Dual Investment
  • Liquid Swap


On the website, in the drop-down menu on the right hand side:

WALLET > FIAT AND SPOT (Deposit & Withdraw)

From FIAT AND SPOT Wallet, next to the FIAT currency or cryptocurrency that has a balance, there are all the available options mentioned in yellow:

  • Coin; total; available; in order; BTC value; Action (Buy, Deposit, Withdraw, Trade, Earn, Convert).

Once you click on «Earn«, a small drop-down menu appears with the types of savings that can be requested for that currency and if you click on any of them, another tab appears in the browser with the corresponding section.



You can also see all the types of savings and earn that exist in the menu:

FINANCE > BINANCE EARN (One-stop Investment Solution)




The EARN button (surrounded by a blue box) on the left side menu is to see where all my savings are, which I explain below.

There are two buttons: Guaranteed and High Yield with the list of the most popular currencies and the search box with the lens if you want to compare the different yields depending on the type of savings or staking you want to do. Or below the different types with their corresponding section.


With Principal Guaranteed (we always keep our cryptos).

  • Flexible savings
  • Locked/Fixed savings
  • Activities


(Flexible to Transfer and Safe to Earn)

  • Stable earn.
  • FIAT money, stable coins or cryptos.
  • APY: from 10% to 5%.
  • No lot: minimum subscription amount (0.001 BTC, 0.1 BUSD, 0.01 USDT, etc).
  • Interest: daily in SPOT. Around 00:00 am UTC.
  • Redemption date: fast redemption (you lose that day’s interest) or standard.
  • Menu: Coin, APY & Trend, duration (Days), Auto Transfer, SUBSCRIBE Expand all Flexible Savings Products.


If I check the green Auto Transfer button, the interest earned each day (00:00 UTC), which goes to SPOT, goes back to the Flexible Savings section automatically. Or it can be done manually from the SPOT Account: action (earn > flexible savings).

Example: 0.50 to 1.20% for BTC. 0.10% to 3.21% for EUR.

Subscribe button:

  • Duration (Days) flexible.
  • Subscription amount (available whatever you have in SPOT), custom or max amount». Buy crypto if you don’t have it.
  • Minimum amount and maximum limit.
  • Summary: Subscription date, Value date, Interest Distribution Date, Estimated APY.
  • Check the box «I have read and I agree to Binance Savings Service Agreement» and CONFIRM.

There are several special cases to note:

  • BNB Flexible Savings go to the BNB VAULT section, as they give both BNB and Airdrop from other tokens.
  • If instead of the Subscribe button there is a Check button (Sold Out), it means that the product is not available at the moment.
  • Some cryptos give Airdrop of another type of token, such as VET which can give 0.83% of VET plus 2.05% of VTHO. NEO too.





(Flexible deposits, higher profits)

  • Higher profits.
  • Stable coins and certain cryptos.
  • APY: fixed interest from 4% to 45%.
  • Lot: fixed amounts (0,01 BTC, 1 AXS, 1 CAKE, 100 BUSD, 100 USDT, 100 FUN, 10 MDX, 10 LINK…)
  • Interest per lot: end of period.
  • Redemption date: end of the period subscribed.
  • With a single click you can transfer some lots to flexible savings and have an immediate repayment.
  • Menu: Coin, Annualized Interest Rate, Duration (days), nterest per Lot, SUBSCRIBE/check button (Sold out). Expand all locked/fixed savings products.

Subscribe button:

  • Duration of activity (days) 7, 14, 15, 30, 60, 90.
  • Lot: according to available lots or maximum» in SPOT. Buy crypto if one does not have it.
  • Lot size, Interest per Lot, Individual maximum, Value date, Redemption date, Expected interest.

You can check the green «Automatically renew with Flexible Savings» button.

Check the box, «I have read and I agree to Binance Savings Service Agreement» and CONFIRM.

Note: if the selected button is greyed out, you can change to another 30, 60… If the time period is greyed out or checked (exhausted) it is not available at that time.

You can check daily to see if the product is released as it has been finished the period for another users.

Generally the more days, the more interest, although sometimes there are higher interest promotions with a particular period.

To transfer from locked savings to flexible:




  • FUN 45% 14 days, 10% 30 days, 15% 60 days.
  • BUSD 4,50% 7 days, 4,66% 14 days, 4,81% 30 days, 5,10% 90 days.

Example Lots:

  • BTC 7% 90D: mínimum lot 0,01 BTC, interest per lot (0,0001726 BTC). I have 0,02 BTC, so I can subscribe 2 LOTS (interest x 2: 0,003452 BTC).
  • AXS 15% 15D: minimum lot 1 AXS, interest per lot (0,00616438 AXS). I have 3,15 AXS. So I can subscribe 3 LOTS (interest x 3: 0,01849314 AXS) and I have 0,15 AXS, “left over”, which stays in SPOT Wallet or flexible savings.


(Limited supply, higher demand)

These events and activities are very punctual and HIGHLY demanded, sold out in seconds. First



To check that your subscription has been successful or to refund/redeem your savings and return them to SPOT.




  • Savings > Flexible, Locked, Activities, Savings Trial Fund
  • Locked Staking > Flexible, Locked, ETH 2.0 Staking
  • DeFi Staking > Flexible, Locked
  • Launchpad
  • Swap
  • Dual investment
  • Pool Savings

Flexible Savings, Airdrop Coin, Auto Transfer, Total Amount, Accruing Interest, Today’s Subscription, Redeeming, Cumulative Interest, Airdrop Amount, Estimated APY, AirDrop APY, Operation (Redeem).



Locked savings, Coin, Holding (Lot), Amount, Duration (days), Annualized interest rate, Value date, Redemption date, Interest, Renew, Operation (Transfer).

Activities > locked Savings, Coin, Holding (Lot), Amount, uration (days), Annualized interest rate, Value date, Redemption date, Interest, Transaction (Redeem).

Savings Trial fund for savings, Coin, Value date, Total Amount, Accruing interest, Today’s subscription, Estimated APY, Cumulative interest.


Automatic subscription/transfer:

If this function is activated, the system transfers available assets from SPOT wallet to EARN / SAVINGS wallet automatically from 02:00 am UTC.


To view the EARN history:

Menu ORDERS > Earn History


Earn history: flexible, Locked, Activities, Savings Trial Fund.

Earn history side menu: Savings, Staking, DualI, Launchpool, ETH 2.0 Staking, DOT Slot Auction.

Coin (all or specific currency), type (Subscription, Redemption, Interest), Date (maximum 3 months at a time). Reset parameters or SEARCH button with filters ticked.




  • BNB Vault
  • Flexible Staking
  • Locked Staking
  • ETH 2.0 Staking
  • Launchpool
  • Launchpad

High Yield Savings

  • DeFI Staking
  • Dual Investment
  • Liquid Swap


Chibi Bibi Launchpool vs Launchpad by NFT Artist @chibiguardians

Launchpad Summary by Binance Angel @ArthurBinance



I have only been in the crypto world since January 2021 and shortly after I offered myself as a Binance Angel to help newbies like me not to make the same mistakes, avoid being scammed and so on.

The topic of savings and earnings is the simplest thing that can be and that’s why I have given several webinars, voicechat, bootcamp or this first part to share it with other newbies like me. ^____^

Creator: Alessandra Moura (Chii) @portaljapon, NFT Artist @chibiguardians, Binance Angel Chibi Maya.

(Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Binance NFTs)



Registro en Binance con mi referido y 5% para ti:

FAQ Finanzas Earn:

Binance Academy Earn:

Binance Flexible Savings:

Webinar Earn junio 2021 en español:


Binance news channel:

Binance announcements English:

Binance anuncios Spanish/español:


Telegram Binance groups:

Binance English:

Binance español (Latam):

Binance español (Argentina):

Binance español (España):


Binance social networks in English:





Other links and social networks (beware of scammers/scammers, fake/fake accounts etc)



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What are Binance Savings & Earn? In English.

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Top 10 creadores de contenido (septiembre 2021)

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